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Al's blog 4-24-2013

              Well hello Rotarians, and hasn't this been a busy week. We started out with a wonderful meeting on Wednesday and then BikeFest started on Thursday. Larry Lutte opened the meeting with a great big "hello Rotarians", and then we sang "Smile and The World Smiles With You". We actually sounded pretty good or my hearing is getting worse. John Lodge said the invocation and we all shook hands, pledged the flag and then went off to the chow line for good food and great fellowship.

              President Barbara opened the business meeting at 12:41 PM. Michel announced the guests and they were Elaine Ragona, Hugo Hermazabal Jr. and Pastor Bill Bayer. Bob Moody asked Michel and Ali to come forward and they were presented with PHFs. Ali received her first and Michel his second. Congratulations to both of you, and know that the money donated for these awards are helping people throughout the world. I spoke with Helen Meyer, Wendy’s care giver, and she said he is about the same. Wendy is to receive another PHF and Jim Miller has been gracious enough to volunteer his services and his son’s van and will pick Wendy up on this coming Wednesday, May 1, and bring Wendy to the meeting so he will be able to receive his PHF in front of the members of his club. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were a packed house so we could honor a man who has meant so much to our club and Leesburg.  Our thanks to Jim and President Barbara for coordinating this with Helen. We also heard that Howard is doing better. Don Van Beck said that Howard was given the OK from his doctors to do work from his home. Howard also has not had to have dialysis for the last two weeks. We are so happy to hear of his recovery and are looking forward to Howard’s return to work and to us. Bruce Hamilton has sent his thanks for all the prayers.

             George Waters was up next and announced the results of the Reverse Raffle. George said all but 13 tickets were sold. He said that President Barbara was the top ticket seller with 14 tickets. The winning team with the most tickets sold was Hardy’s Hawkers. Congrats to all of you and to all who participated in the raising of these funds so we can do local projects.

              Jim Hardy was up next and spoke about BikeFest. He was with his co-chair Bill Tucker and they are better known as Click and Clack. They thanked all who signed up to help and those who attended classes forTIPS and cash management.

              Jim put on another hat and fined those leaving early, winners of steaks and gator gravy, and those sitting at their regular table on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Happy dollars were given by Lionel, Michel, Barbara and George Waters. Trivia was missed by Don Trombley and Bill Tucker.

               Don had a handful of jokes and they went from BOO to hilarious. Good job Don. By the way just to let everyone know, Don has been in a lot of pain and will have surgery this Tuesday to repair a hernia. He has been at all the meetings and was at the BikeFest serving beer. Don has been a driving force for this club and does so many things behind the scenes. Our thanks go out to you Don and we hope all goes well and you are back in action quickly.

              Ali presented our program today. She had us all sing the fight songs for all the armed forces. This will be something we will be practicing so we can sing them at the USO Style dance. Great idea and we thank you, Ali. We also thank Ali again for her great job as auctioneer at the Reverse Raffle.

              We didn't have any steaks but the Gator Gravy would have been won by Sheri but she left early. Don't forget to do your makeups and visit our website

                Before I sign off, a few words about BikeFest. We had a blast. Yes it was a lot of work but we had fun and laughter and a lot of friendship working together, and our thanks to all the club members who worked those hours but a special thanks to the non-members who also worked along side us. To mention a few, Helen Korb, Peen Hardy, Terri Tucker, Bill Stomp, Jane Sexsmith, Hugo Hermazabal Jr., Linda Skolnik, Tony Gangone, Manny & Penny Lopez, and if I missed anyone I apologize. Thanks to all who went home smelling of beer. 


Al Ragona In God We Trust